SnowShredder™ 1022EX Snow Blower


A premium snowblower in a compact package. The SnowShredder™ serrated auger has multiple serrated surfaces providing advanced ice chopping and snow clearing power. The self-propelled auger drive system clears down to the pavement with little operator effort. It’s the best of both worlds…dual-stage power, single-stage handling.


Multiple serrated steel surfaces provide advanced ice chopping and snow clearing power, allowing you to easily clear down to the pavement and through that tough end-of-driveway snow left behind by the plow.


Powered by the largest single-stage snowblower engine in its class, the 1222EX provides more power than ever before to get through large snow drifts.

Features may include:

  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton® Snow Series and Professional Series™ Engines with Electric Start means, quick, no hassle starting – every time.
  • Electric chute rotation to easily change the direction snow is thrown (select models).
  • Various auger intake heights and clearing widths to ensure there is a model to match your driveway size and snowfall amount.
  • Cast-iron auger gear cases for durability.
  • Exclusive to Signature Pro models, Power Boost™ automatically adjusts the power to the auger and impeller as needed for optimum performance.